Do you know Sponge Bob?

Some people know the basic Spongebob, but only a few people know him inside and out. Spongebob lovers,after all, need to watch him 24/7. Spongebob lovers are those who can't get enough of him, and can't go a single day with out watchingbob him. A spongebob lover is someone who will freak without spongebob to watch everyday of the week.

Do YOU know spongebob? Do you have the ability to successfully get through to the end and come out on top? Until now, you would never know. But now you can, and when you click on this, you will find out.

Created by: Shelby

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  1. What does Spongebob live in?
  2. What resteraunt does planktin work at?
  3. Who is Spongebobs boss?
  4. What does Patrick and Spongebob look after when Sandy leaves?
  5. What does F.U.N stand for?
  6. What color is Patrick?
  7. What is on top of the Chum Bucket?
  8. Who wins the Snail race?
  9. What does Patrick's under ware have on them?
  10. What patty does spongebob create?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Sponge Bob?