Which caracter form Sponge Bob Square Pants are u?

ARE YOU READY KIDS? OOOOOOH Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? YOU DO! take this quiz to see what sponge bob character your most a like with, so.. take the quiz and enjoy it, ITS AWESOME!!!

Which sponge bob square pants character are you? are you grumpy suidward, hyper sponge bob, lazy patrick, money lover Mr. krabs, or little stealer Sheldon(plankton) take the quiz and find out!!!! go ahead TAKE THE QUIZ!!!

Created by: sponge bob fan!
  1. what do you do in your spare time?
  2. which one best applies to you?
  3. what would you do if you saw a BOMB about to blow up in your house?!?
  4. what does your house kinda look like?
  5. do you like to camp outside?
  6. define what F.U.N means to you...
  7. what makes you feel scared?
  8. do you sometimes go wild over little things, like... we are out of napkins!
  9. what would you do if you were on a cruise w/ your best friend, and your friend accidently falls out of the SHIP?
  10. what would you do if you saw your best friend gettin beatin up by the mafia?
  11. who is your favorite sponge bob caracter?

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