General Gun Quiz

This is a 15 question quiz about guns... not SUPER gerneric, but super'll have to do some searching on the internet to get a few of the answers!

Test your mind here! What do you know about guns, more than your average joe? Or slightly more than a sponge...We'll find out shortly in this short 15 question quiz...

Created by: Chris of Chris's Myspace
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  1. What is the standard velocity range of a 115gr 9mm bullet?
  2. What is the most widespread handgun brand in use with American Law Enforcement agencies today?
  3. What is the SECOND most widespread?
  4. What is the STANDARD sidearm deployed with US military forces around the globe?
  5. What does the NATO headstamp look like?
  6. What type of operating system does the AK (and variants) have?
  7. What is the standard sidearm of Mexico?
  8. Why is the Glock 17 given the 17 designation?
  9. What calibers are available with the SigArms P220
  10. What is the new rifle out for civilian purchase by SigArms?
  11. Where is the Glock factory (USA) located?
  12. Where is the Beretta factory (USA) located?
  13. What does USP (on the HK-USP) stand for?

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