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  • Nice quiz, some obscure stuff, but hey that's what makes it iteresting.

    When the bodies start stacking up like cordwood outside my place, in might just be Armageddon

  • the best gun quiz on here i love to hate little b------s who think they know all about gunz cuz they play games

    little pric:yea an m4 is an assaualt rifle :D

    me:yea and whats the FPS of the 556 round it shoots?

    pric:ummm uhhhh level 4?

  • you peeps should see dick figures on youtube

  • im 10 but i am as smart as a friken 18 old cuz i read a ton of military s--- and hunt bucks and s--- with my dads freinds psg 1 sniper with acog and hush puppy silencer i stole frum the armory at work


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