The How General Hospital Are You Quiz

Hello potential General Hospital Quizers. This Quiz will test how well you know your GH show and actors, If you think you have the stuff give it a try.

General Hospital is not a joke, it is very serious and can not be toyed. With please try to do your best I will be watching and trust me it is always best to take your time and breath threw the test it will be over soon. Good Luck

Created by: Jennifer
  1. What is Sonny Corinthos's occupation?
  2. Who is Carly's current husband?
  3. Who is Jacob Martin Spencers real father?
  4. Who is Nicholas Cassadine currently dating?
  5. Why did Felecia Jones come home?
  6. Who saw baby Jake get stolen from the park?
  7. Who Blew up the Metro Court?
  8. Who is Lukes one true love?
  9. What ailment does Robin Scorpio have?
  10. Who is Dr. Drake Senior in real life?

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Quiz topic: The How General Hospital am I Quiz