What TV Show is your Life?

We become so attached to the TV characters and shows that come into your life, but have you ever wondered what show you could be a main character in. Maybe its a funny sitcom with heart, a action-packed drama, or a soap opera.

Are you the 5th girl on Sex and the City or Laura's long lost sister on General Hospital. Could you be another one of the docs on ER? Find out right here!

Created by: Josie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these is (are) most important in your life?
  2. What family/friend/aquaintance comes into your life for 'comic relief'?
  3. What is your best personal quality?
  4. If you had a shrink, you would most likely ask him for advice on...
  5. If you had an extra $100,000 dollars laying around, what would you do with it.
  6. Just pick one!
  7. If my life was a TV genre it would be...
  8. Your sexual orientation is...
  9. Which of these secrets are you most likely to posess?
  10. Your last relationship...
  11. An adjective to describe you is...

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Quiz topic: What TV Show is my Life?