The ULTIMATE SpongeBob Quiz

Hey, buddies. This is a fun-filled SpongeBob quiz, to see how much you know about the coolio sponge. So...I wish u good luck and I hope u pass! :) :)

Ugh. I have to do this paragraph, too, and I don't really know what to do. Umm...I'll just do smiley faces. :D :) XD :] :)8 >:D :/ ;) :} :F :p :s =) Ok there u go...HAVE FUN QUIZZING!

Created by: Bec

  1. How many stripes does SpongeBob have on his socks?
  2. When SpongeBob finds his seahorsey-friend, what does Patrick nail to his head?
  3. Where does Mr. SquarePants leave his spare key?
  4. Fill in the blank: SpongeBob lives in ____ Bottom. What's the blank?
  5. Is SpongeBob the coolest show ever?? (You get the points, if u check TOTALLY!!)
  6. Ok, we are halfway thru with the quiz. You deserve an easy question...What color are SpongeBob's eyes?
  7. Can SpongeBob play music out of his nose?
  8. This one is kinda hard, but what is SpongeBob's address?
  9. Who are SpongeBob's fave heroes?
  10. What is SpingeBob's fave holiday?

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