Movies of the '80s

We all love the movies of the '80s, but how closely were you paying attention? Can you tell Molly Ringwald from Ally Sheedy? Can you name all the members of the Brat Pack?

Take this little quiz and let us know what YOU know! It may not be as easy as you think. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to have a "Friday the 13th" marathon this weekend.

Created by: wantsd12
  1. What instrument does Rob Lowe's character, Billy, play in "St. Elmo's Fire?"
  2. What animal appears in Tina's dream in the opening of "A Nightmare on Elm Street?"
  3. What future Oscar nominee played Ralph Macchio's love interest in "The Karate Kid?"
  4. In what fictional town is "Back to the Future" set?
  5. In which "Friday the 13th" sequel does Jason first wear the hockey mask?
  6. What two actors appeared together in "Pretty in Pink," "Mannequin" and "Less Than Zero."
  7. What is Jami Gertz's character named in "The Lost Boys?"
  8. Which of the following is NOT a John Hughes movie?
  9. In the comedy "Short Circuit," what is Number 5?
  10. Who directed the 1985 fantasy "Cocoon?"
  11. For which film did Meryl Streep win the Best Actress Oscar?
  12. "The Color Purple" was nominated for 11 Oscars. How many did it win?
  13. Why did horror fans feel cheated by "Halloween III: Season of the Witch?"
  14. What child star appeared in "Gremlins" and "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter?"
  15. Better Midler and Richard Dreyfuss played a miserable married couple in "Down and Out in Beverley Hills." What was their surname?
  16. In "Flashdance," Jennifer Beals played Alex, a dancer. What was her day job?
  17. The sex comedy "Porky's" is set in the 1950's in what state?
  18. In the horror comedy "Motel Hell," what does Farmer Vincent plant in his garden?
  19. What actress did not appear in "Steel Magnolias?"
  20. What did Glenn Close boil in a pot in "Fatal Attraction?"
  21. BONUS QUESTION: Who played Cher's fiance in "Moonstruck?"

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