What are the perfect movies for you to watch?

Have you ever been having a hard time finding movies to watch? Do you not have anything good left to watch? Well, this quiz will not only show you your taste in movies, but it will also give you some of the best movies of that genre!

In a few minutes you will have so many movies to watch you can watch one every night and they will last for a month! So just fill in a few simple questions and enjoy! :)

Created by: Mario
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you are watching a movie you like to feel...
  2. What kind of a person do you consider yourself?
  3. Do you like the movie Harry Potter?
  4. Do you like Ben Stiller as an actor?
  5. Do you like science?
  6. You hear a noise when alone at home and get really scared...
  7. Do you like watching movies with much Special Effects?
  8. Which one:
  9. Do you like feeling nervous?
  10. Do you like blood and gore?

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