What classic movie should you watch?

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There are a great deal of good movies made before the 1970's. Have you ever wanted to watch one, but not known which one would suit you the best?

Here's a quiz to determine which of 10 classic movies you should watch, according to your interests and preferences.

Created by: Valyn
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  1. Do you like musicals?
  2. What genre do you like best of these?
  3. Do you like romance in movies?
  4. Favorite of these actresses?
  5. Favorite of these actors?
  6. Favorite time period for movies?
  7. Do you like black comedy? (Comedy with dark themes)
  8. Do you like happy or sad endings?
  9. Do you prefer black & white classic movies or color?
  10. Quiz over.

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Quiz topic: What classic movie should I watch?