Famous movie quotes quiz

There are many people who watch movies for enjoyment, but what about movie buffs? A true movie buff pays attention to what's really happening in a movie. Are you one of them?

Blah blah blah I'm just filling in the gaps here they sy you have to have 150 words so I'm just saying nonsense here isn't it silly? I can't believe they oh times up, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Sarah the movie buff

  1. "Remember that sound you were looking for? Well listen to this!"
  2. "Chalk up another victory for the human spirit!"
  3. "Hey Eckheart! Think about the future!"
  4. "It was almost as if I knew what was going to be behind every corner"
  5. "You can't buy the nessicities of life with cookies"
  6. "Sarcasm is anger's freindly cousin"
  7. "This is ridiculous, I feel like I'm babysitting except I'm not getting paid"
  8. (No brainer) "I am your father"
  9. "If you can't find a freind, make one"
  10. "You can't handle the truth!"
  11. "Now THAT was a premeire"
  12. "Such Beauty, I wonder if it is to show beneath the wax?"
  13. "You made me hate myself, but right now at this moment....I like myself"
  14. "But you forgot one very important thing mate....I'm captin Jack sparrow!"
  15. "He doesn't take nothing from nobody!"
  16. (Last Question: Choose wisley) "We...are going...to DIE!"

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