Name that Johnny Depp movie quote!

Do you know all Johnny Depp's movies? Or the quotes that he says? Whether your a fan of Edward Scissorhands or just want to hear Jack Sparrow's name, you should just take this quiz, just take it!!

I know there are ALOT of JD fans out there, but are you a true fan? Have you seen all of his movies and memorized the quotes? To the scary and gory "From hell" to the hilarious "Fear and Loathing in Las vegas" Johnny's movies couldn't get much better!

Created by: Sam
  1. First off, why did you take this quiz?
  2. "You're not going to see the twentieth century"
  3. "We can't stop here, this is bat country!"
  4. "He didn't wake up"
  5. "Keep it off your boots sir, eats right through."
  6. "There's been a mistake, i'm not dead!"
  7. "Kill it! No, stun it!"
  8. "If you don't go and bite her i'll kill her."
  9. "I was right in the middle of a f---ing reptile zoo."
  11. "I don't hear you running."

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