What Johnny Depp Are You

Wich johnny are you take the quiz or find out!!!! blahblahblahblahblah i dont wanna write this much im gonna stop. Stop reading this and take the silly weird odd quiz already. OK? STOP READING THIS AND CLICK CONTINUE OR WHATEVA ALREADY!!! NOW

Are you good? Are You evil? Are you sweet? Are you lonely? Are you responsoble and taken for gtanted? Take this brilliant quiz that I made especialy for my friends entertainment!!!!

Created by: P

  1. #of friends
  2. Whos ur idol?
  3. Whats ur style of clothing?
  4. what is your click/personality
  5. What kinda people would you kill or injure?
  6. Relationship status
  7. what transportation do u take or wanna take
  8. What is your family like
  9. Where do u hang out
  10. wats your fav color

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