How well do you know Johnny Depp?

Many people know of Pirates of the Caribbean and know that Johnny Depp is in it. But how well do you know his personal life? There are more questions about Johnny and not just about his main movie POTC.

How well do YOU know Johnny? Are you a fanatic? Or do you need some serious johnny Depp help? Just to be sure, and see if you can complete all of these challenging questions we know... try it out...

Created by: Emalia & Chouboka

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  1. When was Johnny Depp born?
  2. Are Johnny depp's parents divorced?
  3. What is Johnny Depp's daughter's name?
  4. What day is "Talk like a Pirate Day?"
  5. Where was Johnny Depp born?
  6. Can Johnny Depp grow a beard?
  7. What movie WAS Johnny Depp in?
  8. Does Johnny Depp have a REAL GOLD tooth?
  9. What is the one noise Johnny hates
  10. Does Johnny Depp have glasses

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Johnny Depp?