Do you know your Johnny Depp?!?!?!

So everyone knows Johnny Depp right? I mean like 98.6% of the people on earth have seen the pirates movies. Everyone thinks they kno this guy. Hes just a forty something actor who plays quirky characters, gets nominated for oscars but never wins. right? thats it, right?

well take this quiz and youll find out who the real depp is, the man we all know and love. The question remains: are you a real depp fan, or just one of those other fakers? Only time will tell. SAVY?

Created by: raerae of this site
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  1. Which of these character names has Johnny never had?
  2. Which of these stunts, gags or tricks has he never done?
  3. Which of Johnny's movie's character has the same first name as his son?
  4. Which of these actresses has he never worked with?
  5. What's his middle name?
  6. What two movies earned him oscar nods (but no wins. screw the academy!)
  7. What actor helped Johnny start his career?
  8. Where's dear old Johnny from?
  9. What FOX comedy did he costar in
  10. In how many movies has he played a character named Jack?
  11. What was the IMAX he narrated with Kate Winslet about?
  12. What band did he play slide guitar for on one song?
  13. In 2005, he was on the 50 greatest teen idols. What number was he?
  14. How awesomely gorgeous and talented is he?
  15. How awesomely gorgeous and talented is he?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Johnny Depp?!?!?!