How well do you know Edward Scissorhands?

You know Tim Burton right? well if you know Tim Burton that you will know that one of his greatest films is "Edward Scissorhands" you know, with Johnny Depp? Yeah! its an awesome movie! in fact, it's my favourite Tim Burton movie.

How well do YOU know this brilliant masterpiece? Take this quiz and truly test your skill and find out how much you know about this movie, go ahead and take it!!!!

Created by: Sarah

  1. At the opening credits, who's name is the first to appear?
  2. True or false: the town that the camera hovers over at the beginning is real.
  3. Who is the first person to talk in the movie?
  4. True or false: the castle on the hill is on a real hill
  5. When Peg is looking around the garden and Edward appears in the window does she look to her left, or right?
  6. When Peg is looking at the newspaper clips on the chair in the mansion what does the one with the boy without eyes say?
  7. How many times does Edward bump his head on the car window sill?
  8. What happens when Kim comes home?
  9. When the door shouts and Edward is locked in Jim's house how many times does he look around?
  10. In the ice dance, how many times does the camera show Edward?
  11. Who says this? "Call the doctor, he skewered Kim"
  12. How many times does Edward attack or cuts something in the movie? (Take your time this is a hard one)
  13. In the final battle how many times does Jim shoot the gun?
  14. True or false: Kim kisses Edward once
  15. What is the last thing Kim says?
  16. True or false: Edward Scissorhands was made in 1990?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Edward Scissorhands?