How well do you know Sleepy Hollow?

Have you heard of the movie "Sleepy hollow"? If you haven't, I suggest you go back right now, but if you've seen the movie, keep going. It's not that famous, but it's one of Tim burton's best films in my opinion...lets see what you know!

Do you know the movie all by heart? Have you memorized what the characters are going to say next? Are you a crazy Ichabod fan like me? Take this quiz and you will see how well you know the movie!

Created by: Sam
  1. Who plays Ichabod?
  2. Who plays Katrina?
  3. How many times does Ichabod faint in the movie?
  4. What is the last line Ichabod says in the movie?
  5. Who controls the headless horseman?
  6. What is Ichabod afraid of?
  7. Who says this: "I suppose it's back to the city then"
  8. What is the real definition of the evil eye?
  9. Is it snowing at the end of the movie?
  10. What year does the film take place?
  11. Complete the sentence: "When we say ____ we mean of course we will need the operating table"
  12. What could Ichabods mother do?
  13. (Doesn't count towards score) How many times have you seen the movie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sleepy Hollow?