E-Seriousness Quiz

Millions of people suffer from E-Seriousness daily. Some will go on to be great posters. Some will gain a reputation. Some will dive into a hollow shell full of darkness and repeating, annoying echoes.

Do you think you have E-Seriousness? Do you think you know someone with E-Seriousness? This quiz is designed to help you and/or your friend understand their illness better and hopefully, one day, be cured.

Created by: Lauren
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  1. How many hours a day do you spend on a forum?
  2. How many posts do you make in an average day?
  3. Do you reply and then refresh the page over and over until someone replies to your comment?
  4. Do you get into arguments on your forum with one or more people?
  5. Do you search for older posts by the person you are arguing against?
  6. Do you bring up those posts in the argument?
  7. Do you stay up for hours past normal to argue with someone online?
  8. Have you ever been suspended from a forum?
  9. Do you get upset by other peoples opinions?
  10. Do you feel the need to take apart someone else's opinion because it is not your own?
  11. Do you try to get other people to "back you up" in a fight on your forum?
  12. Do you have to have the last word in every debate?
  13. Has anyone ever called you E-Serious?

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