How well do you know the Gilmores?

Being Gilmore is tough. Do you have what it takes?? Are you a devoted Gilmore.. or Starrs Hollow person?? Prove it.. Not many people have the required talent.. really it is only a select few.

ARE YOU THE GILMORE KIND??? you must take this quiz to find out. Take it Take it Take it. Like a Gilmore.. You'll wonder what could of been if ya dont. SOOO... ARE YA???

Created by: Rachael
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  1. Rorys name is ...
  2. Their favorite drink is...
  3. Logans nickname for Rory is...
  4. Rory attends what college?
  5. The original Gilmores?
  6. The original Gilmores go through this more than anything?
  7. Lorelei and Chris got married where?
  8. Starrs Hollow is in what state?
  9. Rory and her grandfather had this one time for dinner?
  10. Like.. stop eating the paste. Special? is a phrase out of whos mouth?
  11. Logans and Rorys first kiss happened where?
  12. Kirk (who is always in the life of a Gilmore) has what job?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Gilmores?