pixie hollow qiuz

pixie hollow is a beautiful place where fairies live happily. everyday in pixie hollow is adventureous.all the fairies nof pixie hollow have a special talent and they all are different from each other.

do you know them all?which is you favourite one?are you like her?if you want to know the answer then take the quiz.

Created by: sakshi
  1. what would you like to do if you were a fairy in pixie hollow
  2. what words describe you best?
  3. what is your favourite colour?
  4. what would be your favourite food if you were a fairy?
  5. what is your favourite place in pixie hollow?
  6. what do you like a lot?
  7. which fairy would be your best friend in pixie hollow?
  8. what do you hate a lot?
  9. what do you hate a lot?
  10. what would be your favourite thing if you have them all?

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