How well do you know Gilmore Girls

There are lots of people who love the incredible show Gilmore girls. If you're one of them this is the quiz for you! The Gilmore club is only for the worthy!

Are you worthy of the Gilmore club? Or are you just an everyday fan? Find out by taking this quiz. I will quiz you through the magnificent life of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.

Created by: Jazzy
  1. Which guy did Lorelai not get engaged to?
  2. What do April's friends call Luke?
  3. Who offered Rory an internship?
  4. Which did Taylor Doose not do?
  5. Which is not one of Kirk's jobs?
  6. Which song did Lorelai sing at Casey's Karaoke night?
  7. What is the name of Lorelai's dog?
  8. What is Logan's sister's name?
  9. Where is stars hollow?
  10. During which breakup did Lorelai keep seeing cats?
  11. What is Christopher's daughter's name?
  12. Who is April's mom
  13. Who is the artist that was dating Marty?
  14. In the end, what profession did Paris take up?
  15. Who did Paris date?
  16. Who never got arrested?
  17. Who is the youngest?
  18. Who has never met Christopher?
  19. Who never dated Rory?
  20. Last question- who is dating Kirk

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