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There are a lot of movie buffs out there who like nothing more but to watch movies and they know everything about them including director, actors or actresses and awards like myself.

Are you a movie buff though? Do you want to show people that you have good knowledge of movies. Then show it off with this quiz. Find out if your a movie buff.

Created by: lila

  1. Heres one to start you off "Thank you for stating the obvious."
  2. This one should be easy! "You're late for tea!"
  3. "Give me back my son!"
  4. "Come on baby. Baby, baby, baby, baby baby"
  5. "Oh im sorry i couldnt get the barnoculars out on time."
  6. "You scratched my cd, you picked it up in clear daylight and scratched it."
  7. Heres a chick flick "EW! Get offa me, ugh AS IF!"
  8. "That was the ugliest effing skirt ive ever seen."
  9. "Come and have a go if ya think ya hard enough."
  10. "Have you flicked the bean?"

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