2000-2010 The Quiz

The decade, it was unnecciaseraly long and i can't remember why we made a big deal, but no one was clever enough to make a quiz that drunks will take at 2:00 at night, up until now

Hello again. Take the quiz and then go and do another quiz, i'm weird and you probably wouldn't want to hang around with me, unless you can listen to randomness and talk to people in short chunks rather than going on, please stop reading

Created by: Jack R. Roy

  1. The show 'The Office' kickstarted the career of which comic actor
  2. What was voted the best Tv show of the noughties by the public and tv critics.
  3. Who was the top goal scorer for the premier league of the decade
  4. What was the bestselling singleof the decade
  5. Which show promoted the career of James Corden?
  6. Throughout this decade which Comedy changed from contoversial unknown tv show to controversial tv show that is immensly popular among teens (especially in USA)
  7. This decade saw the sad goodbye from which comedy duo, part of one of the best shows of all time
  8. Which two celebs were robbed of their respect from the public eye by prank calling Andrew Sachs
  9. Who became well known for a TV show about showing clips of TV shows but making you look at it from a different angle for comic effect
  10. Which Fast Show star became famous for his/her books about James Bond in his early years and his/her recent 'The Enemy'
  11. Speaking of Fast Show stars, who recently added to his/her list of catchprases 'Green Army!'

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