The Unofficial Top Gear Top Quiz

Place Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May into a car. Place car onto track. Place track with camera crew. Result? Recipe for disaster! But just how much of this recipe do you know?

Top Gear is in many peoples opinion, the greatest television show ever. And if your nodding while reading this why not try these ten questions to test just how much Top Gear know-how you have.

Created by: C.R.X.F.R.D.!
  1. For Red Nose Day 2007, Top Gear hosted a special episode called "Top Gear of the Pops". Which band was tasked with a challenge to write a song including the words "sofa", "administration" and "Hyundai"?
  2. In the 2007 Britcar 24-hour race, the Top Gear boys and The Stig participated in a second-hand diesel BMW 330d. Where was this race held?
  3. In November 2007, which country secured the rights to franchise Top Gear and produce a foreign version of the show?
  4. Car vs. Train: In a race to Monte Carlo, Clarkson drove what while Hammond and May caught the Eurostar?
  5. On the cool wall, which car was originally given a separate a mini fridge on a table to the right of the board because it was THAT cool?
  6. Whose garden did Top Garden Ground Gear Force destroy?
  7. What stunt did Top Gear and Network Rail do as part of its Don't Run The Risk campaign?
  8. Which car (as of series 10) has the top spot on the power board?
  9. Before James May joined in 2003, who was the original third presenter of the current Top Gear?
  10. Which presenters spent 24 hours in a Smart Forfour to assess the marketing claim that the car is designed like a lounge?

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