Top Gear Top Quiz

A quiz for all those interested in cars, but specifically fans of a certain British TV show.

This quiz tests you on one of the best topics ever. TV! And it's all about one particular programme. Top Gear! If you think you're a petrol head then take this quiz and you'll soon find out!

Created by: Alistair
  1. In the North Pole Challenge what was attached to the back of the Hilux that Jeremy and James were driving?
  2. What car set the record round the Top Gear track?
  3. What was the Opel Kadet that Richard drove in the African Challenge nicknamed?
  4. What car did Jeremy drive to get away from a challenger 2 tank?
  5. What did James and Jeremy do to Richard's motorbike in the Vietnam Challenge?
  6. What is the last corner on the Top Gear Track called?
  7. To crush a Toyota pick up truck Jeremy, crushed it, burned it, crashed it, smashed it, and what else.
  8. What car did Jeremy drive round Japan in?
  9. What did the Top Gear Crew say was the best looking car ever?
  10. The Ariel Atom was fast and Jeremy loved it but where was it made?
  11. What car did The Stig drive indoors to see how fast it would go before reaching the other side?
  12. Who one the Suzuki Ice Hockey Challenge?
  13. How fast did the Lamborghini Murcielago go round the Top Gear Track?
  14. The Ford Shelby GT500 is what type of car?
  15. What car raced a skater in the Winter Olympics special?
  16. In the Off Road Hunting Challenge what car did Jeremy drive?
  17. What car did Richard and James have to turn into a space shuttle?
  18. What did Richard use to make the sledge lighter in the North Pole Challenge?

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