what top gear presenter are you?

evryone knows top gear... the car testing people who offer many laughts along the way. There are three presenters( or presentors i can't spell it) Clarkson, May , Hammond and of course The Stig

...But which one of the three amazing presentersare you, if you can call the Stig a presenter. Take this short twelve question test to find out. which of the amzing car testers you are

Created by: Sid

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  1. How Long is your hair??
  2. Is your hair...
  3. How white are your teeth
  4. What car would you buy?
  5. In the car you have in the previous question, how fast do you go?
  6. what would you do to get to the pole??
  7. How would you destroy a car??
  8. in a race to somwhere else would you use...
  9. To get around london what would you use
  10. Finally. How tall are you

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Quiz topic: What top gear presenter am I?