Are you a gear head?

SO... You think that you know cars huh? Why don't you prove it? Are you a simple backyard mechanic or could you possibly pass a mechanic's certification test? Whatever you may think... this will prove it. Are you a gear head?

You may call yourself a gear head... but can you pass this simple test? Find out if you are just a wannabe or a true mechanic. You have the guts to prove just how much you know?

Created by: Emily
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  1. What is the original muscle car?
  2. Cars... 2 stroke or 4?
  3. What is the single largest metal component in an engine?
  4. The second stroke in a four stroke engine cycle is...
  5. Torque is the same as power...True or False?
  6. Put in order...connecting rod, head, crank, piston
  7. Turbos and superchargers are practially the same thing...
  8. What does a multi-meter test?
  9. Ok. That was easy so far.... Flank, ramp, and nose. What do these terms belong to?
  10. How many valves does an 4cyl. DOHC engine have?
  11. What determines an engine's firing order?
  12. What is an ampere?
  13. What three things can diagnose most engine problems?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gear head?