Do you know "movies"

this quiz may let you know if your a genius in the movie after all you don't have anything to lose so take this quiz for it to let you know what you really know about movies from al over the world!!!!you need to be smart to take the quiz jk you only need to watch tv to pass it.

So do you think you know a lot about movies from many different themes ?If you do take this quiz come on do it you don't have anythyng to lose ! if you do so remember to rate this quiz after ?

Created by: kazzon2

  1. Harry Potter in what movie does harry saves his cusin from somethings black
  2. Epic movie" in this movie what was the main point of the movie
  3. In the movie 300 do the spartans win
  4. In the movie "goal" what are the kid dream to be ?
  5. Now let go some years ago What movie was about an animal that lost his/her mother in a fire?
  6. spider-man1,2,or three In what movie does peter best friend finds out the his/her father was green goblin?
  7. where did they film the movie harry potter?
  8. What movie has a book and a video game?
  9. which sports movie was based on a true story?
  10. what movie is about a machine from the future that protects a young boy?

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Quiz topic: Do I know "movies"