the home movies personality quiz

do you like home movies as much as i do.... well now you can take my quiz and find out what home movies character you are the most like, after just 1-2 minutes of my 15 Q: quiz you will know who you are.

are you jason, brendon, mellissa, john mcgerk...... now you can find out with my awesom HOME MOVIES QUIZ, i know you will love taking it as much as i did creating it.

Created by: brendon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you creative?
  2. are you smart?
  3. are you atracted to your friends at all?
  4. do you hate your job?
  5. do people hate you?
  6. are you gay?
  7. do you make any kind of art?
  8. are you confused alot?
  9. are you lucky in love :)
  10. do people understand you?
  11. how much money do you or your family make?
  12. are you that concernd about having a gilr/boy friend?
  13. are you talented?

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