Christmas Movie Trivia

I love Christmas movies, so I decided to create a Christmas Movie trivia game for all to participate in. In case you don't know me, I happen to LOVE both the Christmas season and movies. So put the two together, and I'll be in good shape!

I created this little quiz to help you all get in the holiday spirit. Please be honest and don't cheat for answers. There are some easy questions, there are some hard questions. I hope you have fun with the quiz, and of course... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Created by: Sean

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  1. Which movie stars Arnold Schwarzen----- and Sinbad battling as they search the city for a Turbo Man doll?
  2. Who played the famous Grinch who stole Christmas in the live action remake film?
  3. Ben Affleck is an ex-con unwilling forced to mastermind a Christmas Eve casino heist in what 2000 film?
  4. Who plays the conductor in the film adaptation of the classic children's book The Polar Express?
  5. Which version of A Christmas Carol does Tiny Tim have siblings named Peter, Belinda and Betina
  6. What movie follows the love stories of 6 different people/couples all centered around the Christmas Holiday?
  7. In the first Home Alone movie, Kevin McCallister scarfs on ice cream while watching "Angels with Filthy Souls". In the clip shown, what count does "Johnny" give to "Snakes" before blowing him away with his Tommy Gun?
  8. Bing Crosby, sometimes referred to as the father of the Christmas Movie Musical, starred in each of these films except which?
  9. A couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents in which Christmas comedy?
  10. What turns the cute and cuddly mogwai pet into a devious hellion creature gremlin?
  11. What film did NOT receive an academy award?
  12. Complete the line: "The greatest way to spread Christmas cheer is ________"
  13. What Christmas action film follows John McClane as he attempts to foil a terrorist plot at an LA high-rise building?
  14. In the film "Trading Places", Winthorpe (Dan Akkroyd) and Valentine (Eddie Murphy) get revenge on the Dukes by bankrupting them with a false futures report on what stock floor traded commodity?
  15. Which two characters play the narrators of "The Muppet Christmas Carol"?
  16. What is the McCallister family Christmas vacation destination in Home Alone 2?
  17. In "It's a Wonderful Life", what happens every time a bell rings?
  18. What does Ralphie want for Christmas in "A Christmas Story"?
  19. In "The Santa Clause", what hot beverage is dispensed through a pour spout on Santa's sleigh?
  20. Which of these plots is not an actual Christmas movie plot?

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