are you a true Nightmare Before Christmas fan?

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Do you know TNBC as much as you think you do? Well, find out here! its a fun quiz and shows whether you are a true fan or just a person who likes it.

It is a fun movie and is very creative. Test your knowledge of how mmuch you like this movie by taking this simple quiz. It goes from easy to hard, so be ready!

Created by: Jackfreak

  1. First, lets start out easy. (the quiz will start easy and get harder as you go) Who is the main characters FULL name?
  2. who is the ragdoll who loves jack?
  3. Wht is Jack supossed to be?
  4. What is jack the king of?
  5. Finish the song: This is _______ this is _______ pupkins scream at the dead of night
  6. fill the blanks. the answers must be in order of the blanks.(final/reprise): my dearest ______ if you don't mind, I'd like to join you by your side. Where we can gaze apon the _______ and sit together, now and forever. It's plain to see. Were simply meant to _______.
  7. its getting a tiny bit tricky, is it not? here are the medium questions. what color is Barrel's lollipop?
  8. what does Sall do to distract Oogie Boogie so she can help "Sandy Claws" escape?
  9. what was Jacks exact words when Oogie was surprised by Jack?
  10. Here come the Extreme questions. in other words, they are the hard ones. What special Disneyland attraction is visited by Jack and the others during the months of December and October?
  11. what was the original scene of Oogie Boogies defeat that they took out due to the time limit?
  12. What kind of bone did he use for Zero to fetch?
  13. Last question. What does the sign above the shooting gun robot cowboy things say?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Nightmare Before Christmas fan?