Which Christmas do you Prefer?

Do you like Christmas? Well I'm guessing if you didn't you wouldn't take a quiz like this. Anyway, have fun and Merry Christmas. Have a good holiday season.

The possible outcomes: Fairytale Christmas, Wintery Christmas, Normal, Modern Christmas and Religious Christmas. What do you expect to get? Well in a few minutes you'll see if your prediction was right.

Created by: DrChestplate
  1. Pick a Christmas Movie:
  2. Pick a Christmas Song:
  3. Pick a Color Combination:
  4. Pick Your Favorite Christmas Symbol:
  5. What's Your Favorite Christmas Activity?
  6. Pick a Tree:
  7. Who Are Your Favorite "The Grinch" Characters?
  8. If You Were a Snowman Would You Have Snowballs?
  9. What it the True Meaning of Christmas?
  10. What is Your Favorite Day of Christmas?

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Quiz topic: Which Christmas do I Prefer?