Knowledge Of Zombies

Many people in the world claim to know a lot about zombies. You may test your zombie knowledge with this easy test. It should provide a basic idea of how long you will survive in the zombie apocolypse.

Do you have proper zombie knowledge? Well test it on this easy to use test to realise just how much you know about zombies in general. It is easy, so you shouldnt have a hard time.

Created by: Mail Avourlace

  1. Speed of zombies?
  2. Zombies main goal?
  3. Do zombies die?
  4. Zombie power?
  5. What are zombies?
  6. Zombies can use
  7. Zombies go for?
  8. Zombie appearance time?
  9. Hypothetical: You are standing in a crowd of 3 zombies. You have 2 pistol shots. What do you do?
  10. Hypothetical: One zombie in front of you on a road. You are driving a motorcycle.

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