Surviving with Zombies

There are many zombie movies and many people are fans of the Resident Evil series. Zombies are also in mythology and many more people are also interested in that. But they may like the movies and games about zombies, but what about if you put those fans in real life situations with zombies?

Are you one of these fans? Do you have what it takes to survive the undead horrors that could possibly walk the earth one day? Let's see what you can do in this place, you could find out your better at survival than you thought.

Created by: bryan
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  1. So you wouldn't know anything about there being zombies, so answers these like you hadn't taken this quiz. Anyways, you awake from a good night's rest and walk down the stairs to watch some TV on your day off. You flip through all of your favorite channel
  2. After watching the report you hear a loud bang on your door. You approach the door and open it as to see who that may be. A man stands at the front door and looks dazed; he starts walking towards you attempting to bite you. You have your fists and a plast
  3. Now the zombie is dead and you know there is probably more to come. You can't carry much in your old backpack from college, but it will have to do. You take the essentials such as; first aid, matches, water, crackers, city map, and a switch-blade. You don
  4. After the packing you pull out your map and set it down on the table to see where you can go to hide. Your choice are limited and slim but can still work well if used properly.
  5. You've almost fully reached your destination but you found it to be already over run by flesh devouring zombies. You try to back up and run but you find yourself to be surrounded by the rest of the hoard. With your weapon in your hand, your brain not eate
  6. What ever plan you chose wasn't working very well. You were being pulled in multiple directions until the hoard noticed a very fat man running from another hoard of zombies. They look at him and find him to be the bigger target. Now your free from their g
  7. You hear a crackling sound from a dangling wire near the wall which was the phone line. Meaning no calls worked and will not work. You hear a strange sound coming from the hall way, you prepare yourself by raising your gun and putting your back against th
  8. You finally hear the sound of a helicopter coming in to clear the way and help the survivors. You run out of the door and get on the helicopter and take off. Only five other people made it to the helicopter and you don't happen to know any of them. You th
  9. Do you wish this really was a real life situation?
  10. Did you take this seriously and pretended that you were actually in this situation. Also did you answer these questions honestly enough to be accurate.
  11. This question will affect your points as well. - IF this was indeed a real life situation and you were in that position, would you really take it seriously?

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