Zombie Suvivial Test

Do you think you would live in a zombie outbreak. Let's find out. If you survive well you get that! Zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies!

Time To Test!! The last Qustion will probably change every thing, so be carful. Maybe you'll win something, but probably not.Zombies, zombies, zombies!

Created by: JT of Houseknecht
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  1. What kind of building would you board up?
  2. What kind of hand weapon would you have?
  3. Your hand gun of choice?
  4. You have to board up the front door of the building, but with what?
  5. Your weapon of choice?
  6. You have to leave your shelter after some accident, and you see a parking lot of abandened cars, your pick?
  7. You meet up with a group of people with food and ammo, will you pick them up, or choose one.
  8. You need a new shelter, and there's a small town coming up your choice?
  9. You've entered the factory (and if you didn't this is trivia)And it's overrun with super strong zombies, how do you kill them?
  10. Gernades kill them, True?
  11. You can end it, but you need to kill yourself to realese to zombie destroy gas?

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