Zombie Surviving Quiz

There are many humans on earth, and it is no doubt that the zombies will be able to eat plentifully when the day comes that they rise. Whether it be a virus or some weird voodoo (mon) they'll come for YOU!

Now for the test of brains, brawn, and really big guns. Will you be able to survive the zombie apocalypse that is doomed to come!? Test your mettle against the brains of those that have none in this unique (Not really lol) test!

Created by: Rick
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  1. You hear about a zombie apocalypse on the news. You:
  3. How much canned food do you have?
  4. One of your party members was recently bitten.
  5. Zombie have over-run your house, you:
  7. OK, you got away. (lucky you) Now you're alone in the street with your surviving group (lets say, 4-8 people) You:
  8. You need to find a holdout point, and you run by a town on the road. It's deserted (one of your men scouted) so you know that the zombies are a while off. Where do you go?
  9. You just found a weird shop that stores all forms of suits. You loot it, of course!
  10. Zombie knowledge is important. What do zombies eat?
  11. Where do you aim in order to get the killz?

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