Zombie survival test001

Zombies are all over the TV and cinemas. we either love them or hate them. Incase your dumb: Zombies are people infected with a virus making them half dead, half alive. thay are virtually invinceable, unless you destroy the brain.

How long will YOU last? How many people will YOU save? How many zombies will YOU kill. well take this test to find out the answer to all of the above. have fun...

Created by: mitchell
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  1. You wake up and zombies are roaming the streets. What do you do?
  2. You find a zombie in your parents room and your parents are still sleeping. what do you do?
  3. Zombies have just broken in your house. what do you do?
  4. You choose to leave the house what will you do?
  5. You find a deserted corner shop. there are no zombies inside. what will you take?
  6. Your spotted by a HUGE hord of zombies. unfortunatly a party member has broken thier ankle. what will you do?
  7. The love of your life has just got bitten! what will you do. BE HONEST!
  8. there are 3 people left in your party, your BEST FRIEND, you MOM,Some HOBO. but 1 of them must go and see if there are zombies outside. what will you do?
  9. Whoever just went out got eaten(if you went out HOBO died saving you) You manage to escape with the rest. you find a radio who will you call?
  10. There is a helicopter comin in 27 hours. where will you hide till then?
  11. The helicopter comes. were will you go now?
  12. What will you do now?

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