Test Your Library Knowledge

Are YOU a library genius? Test your knowledge of Scheele Memorial and see! If you're unsure of what Scheele Memorial is, you need this quiz more than anyone! Come on, what are you waiting for? Take a break from school work and get to know your library!

How well do you know Scheele Memorial Library? Where are the reference materials located? What are periodicals? Think you know the answers? Test your library knowledge and see if you qualify to be a Library Genius!

Created by: Rebecca of Serialslib Webblog
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  1. What are periodicals?
  2. Where are the reserves kept?
  3. What is the circulation desk?
  4. What is the job of the Reference Librarian?
  5. What are the stacks?
  6. How long can the library of congress books be checked out?
  7. What is the information commons?
  8. How much does one copy cost?
  9. If the printer runs out of paper, who can you go to for help?
  10. Where are the Reference books kept and how long can you check them out for?
  11. Are you allowed to take magazines out?
  12. Where are the current newspapers kept?
  13. If you would like to find a newspaper from two weeks ago, what can you do?
  14. When am I able to use a copy card?
  15. When it was under reconstruction, where was the temporary library located?
  16. Where are the archives located?
  17. What is the point of this quiz?

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