Test Your Knowledge on Fiber Optics

How good are you in your knowledge on fiber optics. Fiber optic technology is an ever updating field of knowledge. We need to constantly read and update ourselves to keep up with the changing technological trends. Why can't you try your knowledge by taking this quiz? It is so simple and easy! Come on!

Ther are many smart people in the world, but a few are brave enought to test their smartness. We believe you are one of them. You have the brain power to qualify! You have that smartness to test yourself and know yourself! Afterall, you are alone here and nobody record your scores. We will just tell you where you stand. Thanks to the great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!!

Created by: Kaniya

  1. The core of a single mode fiber is made of which material?
  2. What will be the nominal numerical aperture of an ITU-T G.651 compliant Multimode fiber?
  3. FTTH stands for?
  4. What do you think an ADSS cable is?
  5. A low smoke Zero Halogen sheathing material contains Chlorine. Is it true?
  6. What is the ITU-T recommendation for a cut-off shifted Single mode fiber?
  7. What will be the typical attenuation of a Low water peak fiber at 1383nm?
  8. A helically stranded loose tube cable can be classified into SZ stranded core cable. Is this statement wrong?
  9. If the cut-off wavelength of a fiber is 1350nm, this fiber can be used for singlemode operation at 1310nm window. Is this statement wrong
  10. Here is a simple question. Which IEC test method is used to conduct Crush test for Optical fiber cable?

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