Right wing patriot or left wing commie?

this test is for you to see just how patriotic or communist you are do you love the good ol USofA or do you hate america with every fiber of your being do you want the US to rule or fall to ashes

right-wing vs left-wing what side are you on its the age old battle with the age old question are you a righty or a lefty and do you love what america stands for or hate what it stands for take the test to find out

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
do you love the USA?
I love it USA RULES!
I like it
its ok
I dont like it
I hate it
america needs to burn
what do you think of abortion?
its ok only if the mothers life is at risk
we need less but we dont need to stop it
its an option
we need to make it cheeper so more people can have them
we need to have super late term abortions so we can kill george w bush
what do you think of the war on terror
kill terrorists make freedom
we are doing to little
what war on terror
we are doing to much
we need to make war on the real terrorists the US
do you like George W bush
not sure
dont like
do you like Bill Clinton
not sure
dont like
do you like Ronald Reagan
not sure
dont like
do you like Jimmy Carter
not sure
dont like
what do you think is the best place to get your news
talk radio
the internet
TV/news papers
I dont like news I just know what my friends tell me
michael moore movies
what do you think of gay marriage
whats wrong with them just being partners
I dont care
if they want to let them
love the idea and why not have human-animal marriage as well
need to be lower
are fine the way they are
need to be higher
do you like Rush Limbaugh
not sure
dont like
do you like AL Frankin
not sure
dont like
what do you think we should do about illegal immigration
build a wall put part of the army on border hunt down all illegals in the US and put them in prison or bring them back to mexico
just get them out
just dont let them come in anymore
let them stay
open borders we welcome everyone
americans are the real illegal immigrants they stole the land they should be kicked out
what do you think is the more important issue
national security
impeaching george w bush
what do you think about environmentalism
go hug a tree hippies I love my SUV
its fine aslong as it does not interfere with economic progress
we need a balance of the environment and the economy
we need an economy but we need more environment
we need to live like the flintstones(-the dinosaurs)
what do you think about the second amendment
mega NRA dittos
its good for most people
only government should have guns
whats the second amendment?
it needs to be alot more restricted
ban all guns and maby the enemy will do the same
what does the saying freedom isnt free mean
that we had to pay for the freedoms that we have with the blood of our brave men and women in the military who believed in this great nation
you cant buy freedom
not sure
its just a right-wing saying with no meaning
it means that even in our freedom we are still not free
what political party would you be most likely to vote for
what political party would you most likely vote for
the republic
the empire
do you think of yourself as more of a socialist or a capitalist

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