What Detroit Red Wing Player Are You?

This quiz will quiz you on your likes and intersts of hockey, and at the end of the quiz, this will show what Detroit Red Wing Player you are. This will show what hockey player you are from the 2007-2008 season roster. From your personal likes of the game to your abilities at the game.

Are you a hockey pro, try and lets see if you got what it takes to play with some of the all stars of the Detroit Red Wings. Try it, This quiz may be very accurate!

Created by: Stefan
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  1. Do you love the red wings?
  2. Are you a goalie?
  3. Do you go to wings games
  4. do you love joe louis arena?
  5. do you hate football?
  6. do you like the RBK O stick?
  7. Do you like easton hockey gear?
  8. do you like Itech?
  9. Do you like warrior?
  10. do you hate your coach?
  11. do you hate someone on your team?
  12. whos better at deaking Datsyuk or Zetterberg
  13. Do you stretch before a game?
  14. Are you fast?
  15. Do you know how to freeze a golaie?
  16. Do you have a hard slap shot?
  17. Do you have black hair?
  18. do you stop on a dime?
  19. do you get hit by pucks?
  20. do you RBK pump skates
  21. Do you screen goalies?
  22. Are you scoring leader?
  23. Is this Quiz crap?
  24. Do you make saves with your hand?
  25. Are you shorter than 6 foot
  26. What kind of language would you like to speak
  27. Favorite part of hockey?
  28. Are you patient with the puck?
  29. skate backwards well?
  30. do you eat carbs before a game for energy?
  31. Do you get cuts alot?
  32. do you get black eyes alot?
  33. Do you have all your teethe?
  34. are you a smart hockey player?
  35. Do you have these ethnic groups in your blood
  36. Whats the best forward line?
  37. Best Defense line?
  38. Do you think you could make it pro?
  39. Do you like to own goalies?
  40. Are you the team clown in the locker room?

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Quiz topic: What Detroit Red Wing Player am I?