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Whether played on the ice, on a field, on the street or elsewhere, hockey is an exciting team sport involving two teams who attempt to score the most goals against their opponents.

Our Hockey Quizzes

  • Do you know the NHL?
    [by: E, rated: rated: 3.11/5, published: Dec 16, 2008]

    The NHL is the National Hockey League. There are 30 teams, which are divided into 2 conferences, the Eastern and Western. The on the quiz....GOOD…

  • What Pittsburgh Penguin Are You?
    [by: Ira, rated: rated: 2.5/5, published: May 31, 2015]

    My favorite team is no doubt the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you play this quiz you will definitely find out what Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player you are now.

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