The World Of Minor League Hockey

Most people can tell you a thing or two about the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL. In fact in most sports people can tell you about the Majors, but have no clue as to who is in the farm systems.

Only a team's true fan can tell you who is in their farm system. How many people can actually tell you who is in the other farm systems. How many people can even tell you how many farm systems their are?

Created by: Keith Holm
  1. The Western Professional Hockey League Started with Six Teams.. Those teams were?
  2. The IHL or International Hockey League had three teams who won four or more Turner Cup Championships. Who were those three teams?
  3. The Grizzlies of the IHL won back to back Turner Cups; They won them as a team from two different cities, which two cities were the Grizzlies from?
  4. Only one team in the IHL won the Turner Cup undefeated in the Turner Cup playoffs. This team went 12-0 to capture their fourth Turner Cup. Who was that team?
  5. Muskegon won four Turner Cup Championships. However, they only won 2 under one name and one under two other names.. Who were the three Muskegon teams?
  6. Dave Michayluk, and Jock Callander lead the IHL in all time scoring, they both played for the same team. For which team did they suit up for?
  7. When Manon Rheaume suited up for the Atlanta Knights and the Tampa Bay Lightning she became the first female to play in a professional ice hockey game, however, Erin Whitten also played goalie for a professional ice hockey team. Can you tell me which Central Hockey League team Erin Whitten played for?
  8. When the IHL suspended operations in 2000-2001 The Orlando Solar Bears won their first and the leagues last Turner Cup Championship. Who did they defeat?
  9. When the San Jose Sharks joined the NHL, their first minor league affiliate was in the IHL.. Which IHL team was their farm team?
  10. The Chicago Wolves in 95-96 had the IHL's most dominant line in IHL history, the three players scored 143, 122 and 88 points. The line was affectionately called the BMW line. Who made up the BMW line?
  11. Ex-NHL legend Butch Goring, who played with the New York Islanders during their string of cup runs, coached the Islanders farm team in the IHL and led them two straight Turner Cup titles. Name the team?
  12. For the longest time, the Peoria Rivermen were the official affiliate for which NHL Norris division team?
  13. When the Indianapolis Ice joined the IHL, they won the Turner Cup within the first few seasons of joining the league. What was the color of the Ice's uniforms when they won the Turner Cup?
  14. The Rivermen were predominantly the Blues minor league farm team, much like the K-Wings and Kalamazoo Wings were the farm team to which other Norris Division NHL team?
  15. When the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup, the Blackhawks' goaltending tandem was ex-IHL goalies Ed Belfour and Dominik Hasek. For which IHL teams did both goalies play for?

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