Are you a true hockey fan?

Let me tell you the truth...I'm from America, and I know that most of the people in the USA don't care for my favorite sport very much...HOCKEY. Usually, it's all about football. But hockey isn't just 12 men dressed in funny pants pushing a piece of rubber around on an oversized ice cube. It's a lot more than that.

Hockey is a unique sport in many ways. It's played on ice, for one thing. It's one of the only sports that IS played on ice. It uses different strategies than most sports do, like football, or soccer. So here is a test to test your knowlege about hockey. DO you know about the sport that is loved by people in Russia or Canada?

Created by: Danielle

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  1. First, what is the piece of rubber that you have to get in the net called?
  2. What is a blue line?
  3. What is the penalty called when a player uses the end of a stick against another player?
  4. What is the movement of pushing or hitting another player into the boards called?
  5. What is cross checking?
  6. What is boarding?
  7. What is sudden death overtime?
  8. When a team gets a penalty called on them, what does the other team get?
  9. Which of these teams is a Canadian team?
  10. What is a shootout?
  11. What are the playoffs?
  12. ok, in what month does the preseason start?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true hockey fan?