Could You Make the NHL?

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Hello everybody, I made a quiz just for fun to see if you could make the NHL! It is the greatest league in sports, after all. It's all every hockey-playing kid dreams about.

Who wouldn't want to play in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, or to have the chance to play for the most iconic trophy of all time? Take this quiz to see if it could be YOU!

Created by: SilverFangRules
  1. How long have you been skating and/or playing hockey?
  2. How's your work ethic? (How far do you push yourself?)
  3. Do you have confidence? And are you easily discouraged?
  4. Do you set goals for yourself?
  5. Do you have a plan to make the Chel?
  6. Are you responsible?
  7. Have you got patience?
  8. Are you physically and mentally tough?
  9. What's the best part about your game?
  10. Do you feel solid in one position/What is it?
  11. Do you take criticism well?
  12. Last but not least: Do you really love hockey?

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