How Well do you know your Premier League?

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Find out how well do you know your league and beat your friends to it.Win yourself the title and show off with much pomp and glory your skills as the greatest premier league fan!

DO you have what it takes to win the title. Are you the true fan of premier league that we have been looking for. Find out by playing this quiz and share your results with your friends.

Created by: Dharmil
  1. As of 2013 which of these is a soccer player in Chelsea FC
  2. Fernando Torres started his career at which club
  3. What colours do former Premier League team Hull City FC traditionally wear
  4. In which year did Manchester United win the Treble?
  5. The son of which of these managers has played in the Premier League?
  6. Who was the first man to be PFA Player of the Year for two consecutive seasons?
  7. Which French star joined Real Madrid from Arsenal in 1999?
  8. This club plays at "Madejski Stadium"
  9. How many Premier League goals did Ian Wright score?
  10. Stamford Bridge and the Emirates Stadium are soccer stadiums in which city?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know my Premier League?