What position are you?

All of hockey's positions are very physically and mentally demanding. Center, winger, defense, goaltender, coach, general manager... each with their own ups and downs. None of them is any easier than the other.

So, now I ask you, what position are you? Are you a speedy center, or is your give-and-go attitude better suited for a winger? Who says your coach knows best? Who knows, maybe you're best suited to be a coach yourself!

Created by: rach
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  1. your team is going up the ice on a 2-on-0 rush. what do you do?
  2. Good god, the Leafs suck. If you ask me, they need a new...
  3. When I retire, I want a tribute video, featuring my many many...
  4. If I could meet any hockey player, it would be...
  5. What "unorganized athletics" do you do outside of hockey? Like, what do you do?
  6. What can never be eliminated from the game?
  7. When the season ends, I want to see big numbers in the____ column.
  8. The funnest thing you can do with pucks is...
  9. Pick a spot in a hockey rink-
  10. I live my life...

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Quiz topic: What position am I?