Which position would you have in the Firenation?

I want to Know what kind of position you would have in the Firenation. the Quiz show you. You can be the Firelord or Firelady, a General and some more!

You like the Firenation form ATLA? But you want to know which part do you have there? Find it out and make the Quiz! Be careful with silly answers. At the End you are nothing :D Just kidding

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  1. Who did start the War?
  2. Who was the last Firelady?
  3. Which season belong to the Firenation?
  4. Who is the first Son of Firelord Azulon?
  5. The Grandfather of Princess Ursa was?
  6. How long was Princ Zuko banished?
  7. Firelord Ozai and Avatar Aang play once the week Air Ball ?
  8. The highest secruity Prison is call?
  9. Who was the best friend of Firelord Sozin
  10. So last question: What do u think? Know you all about the Firenation?

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