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Test you knowledge. Let us test how much you know about our most fabvorite sport and the person you trust is saving goals and keeping the enemy from scoring

So teachers, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to assess youself on how much knowedge you have that you can teach your studens properly.

Created by: Joseph Penaranda

  1. How many maneuvers and body actions are required to create the basic goaltending stance?
  2. How many other players must a goalie be aware of, to facilitate a proper response?
  3. What is the most fundamental skill required by any goaltender?
  4. What does excessive reaching or lunging on the part of the goalie indicate?
  5. What part of visual attachment to the puck best prepares the goalie for the proper body position required to make the save?
  6. Why is playing deeper sometimes preferable to playing further out?
  7. What can be a downside to the Paddle Down move
  8. Where should goalies make the majority of their glove saves?
  9. What must coaches know in order to help goalies to improve:
  10. What is the optimal situation for the goalie stick while in stance?
  11. What technical factor most frequently causes a goalie to lose balance?
  12. What is the ideal behaviour towards which the coach strives to train all goaltenders?
  13. 14 What goalie specific skating techniques should be incorporated into every practice?
  14. 15 What must be the dominant principle of your coaching?

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