Test your Starbucks knowledge

Starbucks is a well-known enterprise with stores spread all over the world. But what do you really know about their products, goals, projects, past and future plans?

If you're intrested to improve your knowledge about Starbucks, then please start with my pleasant and useful test about this amazing enterprise. If u like accompagnied by a tasteful cup of coffee.

Created by: Leoni Dieltjens

  1. Where did they open their first store ?
  2. How many stores did they open so far ?
  3. What did they celebrate in 2011
  4. What kind of drinks do they especially serve for kids?
  5. In most of the Starbucks stores you can:
  6. What kind of drinks do they offer except from coffee?
  7. Can I buy my favourite lunch ‘Tuna Salad’ in a Starbucks store?
  8. What do they not offer at the online Starbucks shop?
  9. Is it possible to buy a giftcard from the Starbucks store for my friend’s birthday?
  10. Do they often make their coffee with beans imported from Indonesia?

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Quiz topic: Test my Starbucks knowledge